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UzTobacco was founded in 2017.
UzTobacco unites in its structure independent distribution companies covering most of the territory of Uzbekistan, as well as the retail sector. All enterprises within the UzTobacco structure are leaders in the distribution business in their regions.
We work with well-known brands - leaders in the global market for tobacco products.
UzTobacco company is recognized by our partners as a reliable, stable partner, providing high-quality and stable service to suppliers and customers in the field of sales and promotion of goods.

The assortment of the store contains the following categories of products:
• Snus
• chewing tobacco
• Snuff
• Cigars and cigarillos
• Cigarettes and cigarettes
• Arabic tobacco
• Smoking pipes
• Tobacco for hookah
• Accessories

By the cohesion work of the Uztobacco team, today you can buy a unique product, such as snyus in all regions of Tashkent, an online store and a convenient delivery service to anywhere in Uzbekistan, without leaving home.