27 March 2018 2385
What is snus?

Snus is a special type of tobacco product that belongs to the category of smokeless tobacco. Snus was especially popular in the Scandinavian countries, but due to stricter laws banning smoking, its polarity is increasing in many countries around the world.

This type of tobacco was coined in Sweden (sometimes called Swedish) in the 1600s. It is actively produced and consumed in this country, but many people often did not even hear about it and ask themselves a question: snus, what is it? In fact, this is the same chewing tobacco, crushed and wet, packaged in portions. The product is made from carefully selected tobacco leaves, and the varieties are dried in the sun and in the open air.

Snus does not need to be set on fire to get a dose of nicotine – it enters the body through the mouth. To use the mixture had an effect, you need to put the bag on the gum – usually under the upper lip – or cheek and suck. The effect of snus will become noticeable after some time, according to some sources from 5 to 30 minutes. You can leave the bag in your mouth for a longer period, but it is not recommended to suck tobacco for more than 70 minutes. In the mucous membrane of the nicotine penetrates much faster than when Smoking cigarettes.